3 ways to help your audio go viral online

Stan Alcorn’s article on why audio rarely goes viral online- kind of went viral. Well, any audiophile interested in the future of radio read it. and that’s saying something.

Instead of rehashing everything he said (you should read the article if you haven’t) here are my key takeaways for increasing your chances of getting your audio heard by more people online:

1.  Make it visual
You are competing with a lot of content online and people are used to seeing things, not just listening. So give them something to see (use pictures, video or animation).

2. Keep it short (less than 3 mins)
People are time poor and have incredible short attention spans (think of yourself, do you switch between tabs?) so keep your audio piece short to avoid people clicking on something else while listening to your audio.

3. Share it with people
Don’t be shy and just email your finished audio pieces to friends and family. Get on social media, upload and share it with everyone. The only way we are going to get more people to get used to listening to audio online is if we all share more.

Help your audio go viral online by keeping it short, making it visual and sharing it with EVERYONE

Tweet it

Examples of audio that has gone viral online:

The scared is scared by Bianca Giaver

This is what crazy looks like via text messaging by Fletch and Vaugh

Two little girls explain the worst haircut ever by Jeff Cohen 

Over to you: what's been the best use of visuals + audio you've ever seen?