50 places to find stories

where to find interesting stories for radio

Don’t know where to find stories to make into radio documentaries?

Here’s my list of the top 50 places to look for stories.

And remember, be curious, ask questions and look for ways you can use sound to make a story more interesting.

50 places to find stories

  1. Noticeboards
  2. Community newsletters (the old printed out kind)
  3. Phone book
  4. Mailbox
  5. Tourism centre
  6. Neighbourhood centre
  7. Letters to the editor
  8. Craigslist
  9. Sporting groups
  10. Religious places e.g. churches, mosques
  11. Press releases
  12. Classifieds
  13. Advertisements
  14. Anniversaries (significant days in h
  15. Email newsletters (I'm signed up to hundreds)
  16. Libraries
  17. Friends (invite some people over for a BBQ and get talking)
  18. Posters
  19. Family
  20. Pubs
  21. Pamphlets and brochure stands
  22. Gumtree 
  23. Newspapers
  24. Magazines (don’t forget niche magazines)
  25. Garage sales
  26. Fetes/festivals/shows
  27. Markets
  28. Airports
  29. Meet ups
  30. Conferences
  31. Facebook community group pages (my facebook account is just for subscribing to local community pages, I have no friends!)
  32. Twitter (do a hash tag search of the location you live in)
  33. Competitions
  34. Oral history groups
  35. Local historian groups
  36. Student newspapers
  37. Auctions
  38. Museums
  39. Art galleries
  40. Expos
  41. Walking groups
  42. Signs on roads (you know the ones you see that prick your interest, follow them)
  43. Anyone you've done a story with in the past- follow them up
  44. Charity events and fundraisers
  45. Buses
  46. Trains
  47. Community gardens
  48. Google alerts (sign up to alerts for the area you live in)
  49. Community meetings
  50. On your website or email signature have a "send me a story tip" that links to your email so people can easily send you story ideas

Where do you find your interesting stories for radio documentaries?