An alternative way to fund your podcast

So, I’m making a podcast.

Which if you’ve been following my cryptic posts on facebook you’ll know that I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing between feelings of “Yes, this is going to work” to “No, this podcast is doomed!”

At the moment, I’m feeling positive, buoyed by the fact that I’ve just finished editing episode 1.

More on the podcast to come next week but I’m aiming for an early May launch.


We’ve recently moved back to Australia and I’ve been catching up with a lot of old friends. 

Of course everyone is asking me this question:

EVERYONE: What are you doing Zena?

ME: I’m working on my podcast about .......

They then always ask me:

EVERYONE: So are they paying you to make this podcast?

ME: No.

It’s then that I see their eyes flicker, there's a slight change in the muscles on their face which tells me that they think, even just in some small way, that what I’m working on is less worthy/valuable/important.

Thank you very much everyone.

Now what I should say, but I always frigging forget to say, is this:

ME: Actually, I’m funding my podcast from sales from my colouring book!

Yes, a colouring book!

Late last year, just in time for Christmas, I made an Australian politics colouring book.

No, I’m not trying to sell you my colouring book (in fact, you can’t buy it because it sold out!).

I ended up selling nearly $3K worth of these books! 

And I've been using this money to pay for my RSS hosting, website, extra SD cards, hot cross buns (fuel) etc... It won't be enough to cover everything but it's something.

This whole colouring book thing probably seems random, but it isn't.

My podcast is actually about Australian politics and hopefully, the people who bought my book will hopefully be interested in listening to my podcast.

Cool side note: some people even coloured in the book and shared their pictures with me!


I wrote this post to give you an example of an alternative way to fund your podcast or creative project that doesn't involve any crowdfunding (I can't think of anything worse than crowdfunding, having to ask friends, family and strangers to give me money makes my soul shrivel!).

I’m really into business and I've worked as a digital designer so it made sense for me to make this product.

But what about you, what can you make? T-shirts? Cakes?

Or what can you sell? Old clothes? Furniture?

Better yet, do you even need money to make your project?

Hell no!

Don't let the idea that you need money stop you from starting your project.

Start with nothing.

A few months ago, I read an article by James Altucher and this passage resonated with me.

Don't wait for others to choose you (I've made this mistake over and over again).

Just start.

I'd love to hear about how you've done something different to fund your creative projects?