Another stuff up to learn from

Stuffing up

I stuffed up recently. Again.

I was filling in on a weekends program.

The show starts at 6:00am and runs to midday.

At about 6:15am they run pre-recorded pieces about scientific tid bits.

The regular producer told me that I should listen to the pre-recorded stories beforehand and edit them if necessary.

So it’s 5:30am and I start listening to one of the stories. It's seven minutes long so it takes a bit of time to get through. I edit out some of the large pauses to make it tighter and then save a final copy of the audio for the presenter.

The story goes to air as planned.

As it starts playing, the presenter buzzes me, “There’s no start”, he says.

I listened.

Ah! The piece started at least one minute in. I must have deleted the start of the story without realising when I was editing.

Oh. The. Horror.

I felt sick to the stomach.

My saving graces were:

  1. It's 6:15am on a Saturday morning, hopefully no one heard it!
  2. It will never happen to me again because I will always listen to the start and end of stories that I edit in the future.

I think this experience showed me that even if you are a fill-in producer, you still need to find your own feet and do things your own way. I would never have edited the pauses out of the pieces to begin with. I like it when people breathe in and out. In doing what the regular producer said I should do, I stuffed up! If I had just done things my own way, there would have been no problems, except maybe a few more breathes on the air. 

Hopefully it won’t happen again, but I’m sure it will!

What about you, what have you learned from your stuff ups?