Gear bag: Ira Glass (This American Life)

If Ira Glass uses it, I want it! 

I giddily soaked up the extensive tool list Ira shared with Life Hacker recently. 

One day I'll own a set of Lectrosonics wireless lav mics. 

Because surely if I use the same lavs that Ira uses, my work will sound like it's been produced by the This American Life team, right?!

One day, one day...

Here’s what’s in Ira’s gear bag.

The controls and displays are beautifully designed and wonderful to use
— Ira Glass
I’ve used the 835b since I was in my twenties. You can spend more for prettier sound but I think it’s a great-sounding general-purpose mic, good both for interviews and for recording ambient sound. Shotguns are better for interviews because they isolate the voice of the interviewee better than omnidirectional mics. You just have to be careful about handling noise, but that’s not hard (maybe not for Ira, but I suck at it!).
— Ira Glass

Ira also likes the Letrosonics expensive wireless lav mics. 

MacBook Air, the smallest one. Pro Tools to edit sound.
— Ira Glass

He uses the Genelec speakers as well as a fancy digital audio meter Dorrough 12-AES to listen to audio.

Yes, yes! Very clever to combine his iPhone 5 with an extra battery

Ira makes his to-do lists using Wunderlist.

The This American Life team use Google Docs to collaborate and share work.

And Muji gel pens and notepads to scribble notes. 

Make sure you get over to Life Hacker to read the rest of the article on how Ira works. He also reveals how the This American Life team edit their stories, what programs he uses when performing his magical live shows and the books he's currently reading.