Getting heard part 1: why you need to enter radio competitions

Getting heard part 1: why you need to enter radio competitions

This is the first part in a new series I’m going to be doing called Getting Heard. In this series I’ll be looking at the best ways to get you radio work heard by more people.

Let’s jump straight in with part one.

Entering your work in radio competitions is a great way to get your audio work out there and heard by not just more people, but the people that matter.

Five reasons why you need to enter your audio work in radio competitions

1. Motivation

There’s nothing like a radio competition to motivate you to create a new piece of radio work. The added bonus of having a deadline ensures that you won’t be able to spend weeks tweaking the background music or narration; you’ll just get the piece done!

2. Your Future Employers Will Listen

Often competitions are judged by radio industry professionals and well known presenters for example, last years Third Coast/RHDF Competition was judged by Alex Blumberg (Planet Money, This American Life), Jennifer Brandel (WBEZ, transorm), Audie Cornish (All Things Considered, WBUR) (+ many more judges see here for more details) That means that if your piece is shortlisted, working radio producers will listen to your work. These are the people that one day could end up being your future employers, workmates or mentors.

3. Establish Credibility

Winning a competition really says to people in the industry that this person is someone to watch. It will establish your credibility as a radio storyteller which will then in turn help you secure project funding or a job in the industry.

4. Networking

Who enters radio competitions? You, and chances are other entrants are going to be people just like you. Engaging with these peoples work online or at the awards ceremony is a great way to make new friends, create contacts and network with other people enthusiastic about radio.

5. Prize Money

Cough, cough, money!! Many competitions give away prize money to winners and runners up. Not a lot of money but that’s not the point right? Sometimes, there’s nothing like a little moolah to encourage you to keep making your radio work… Hey, it might even get you one step closer to buying that Marantz recorder you’ve had your eyes on for a long time.

Our next post in this Getting Heard series will be about the radio documentary competitions you need to enter in 2013. And let us know in the comments fields below what competitions you are planning on entering this year.