If you’ve got the gear people will think you’re good

Gear equals you are a pro

I’m always a bit nervous at the start of an interview.

My head is full of thoughts:

Don’t forget to ask…

Is it too loud in here?

Am I sitting close enough?

Please, please, please don’t stuff this up!

I worry the person I’m interviewing is going to notice my nerves and think I’m crap and unqualified to be making audio.

Which is ridiculous, I mean can you imagine anyone ever saying:

“Stop this interview! This girl is far too unqualified to interview me.”

Yes stupidly unlikely, but I still get nervous.

But something different recently happened at the start of an interview which took my nerves away instantly. 

The interviewee was in awe of my gear.

“Ooooohhhhhhh nice microphone”, she cooed.

“Wow, cool headphones!”

Then the same thing happened again, in another interview.

Maybe it’s because of the popularity of podcasting these days and people are more interested in audio?

Whatever it is, I’m all for it.

Especially because it gave me something to talk about which calmed my nerves.

“Yeah, this is microphone is so easy to use and there’s hardly any handling noise, try it (they put headphones and hold the microphone).”

She was impressed.

Your gear fools people into thinking you know what you doing.

Even if in reality you have no idea what you’re doing, because you actually have the gear, it doesn't matter.

Even if you're gear is not the most expensive gear in the world (they won't know that, how could they?).

Hold a microphone and put some headphones on and people won’t question you.

Your gear is your uniform.

Wear it.

Or “hide behind it” as Bryan Cox says.

Use your gear to your advantage.

Let it fool them.