My radio making challenge for the next two months

My recent break from audio has left me questioning why I even like it.

So I've decided it's time for me to get back to basics and try to find that audio-loving sweet spot again.

To do this, I’ve set myself a challenge.

A focus.

For the next two months, I’m going to focus on:

Only making audio that’s fun.

I want to make audio that makes me smile.

I want to record stories that make me laugh.

So in the next two months I'm going to make at least two fun audio stories.

Do you want to join me?

If yes…

1.    Set yourself a focus

Your focus could be anything e.g. make an audio piece that moves people, make a short audio story for instagram, interview 3 strangers, finish editing something you've already recorded, make a non-narration story etc...

Choose a focus that lights you up.

2.    Commit to the challenge

Write it down.

And let me know (comment below, email or facebook me) or make a silent promise to yourself that you’re going to commit to your focus from 28 May until 28 July.

That’s it.

Keep it simple and have fun.

I'm looking forward to having a bit of fun and of course, hearing some of the great things you come up with too.