Gear I use

Recorder: Marantz PMD 661

My life changed when I finally forked out the money for my Marantz. It is a dream recorder. I love it because:

  • Great pre-amps = great sound (not much fuzz or background noise)
  • One push record (never miss recording an interview again)
  • Portable and easy to use
  • XLR inputs

The original PMD 661 has been discontinued, but you can buy the latest version the marked Marantz PMD 661 MKII here.

Who else uses the Marantz? Ira Glass & This American Life Team, ABC reporters.

Buy: Marantz PMD 661 MKII

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Headphones: Sony Professional MDR-7506

These Sony headphones are like wearing pillows on your ears. Once you've used them, you'll never use anything else. Why I love them:

  • They're soft and comfortable; you can wear them for hours unlike a lot of other headphones
  • They have great volume, you can actually hear what is going on
  • Great balanced sound
  • You can fold them up which makes them great for storage
  • There’s no feedback noise from recording equipment
  • You can adjust them to fit different head sizes

Who else has been seen using them: Roman Mars (99% Invisible) Ira Glass (This American Life), Jad Abumrad (Radio Lab)

Buy: Sony Professional MDR-7506

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Microphone: AKG D230

I tried so hard to use a shotgun microphone, but I hated how sensitive they were. Buying this baby has meant I can focus on the interview and not how I'm holding the microphone. What I love about the AKG D230:

  • Hardly any handling noise (you can move it around and touch it and it will hardly pick up any noise)
  • Simple to use
  • It's omni directional so you don't get a lot of room noise
  • Great high quality sound at an affordable price

Buy: AKG D230 microphone

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Other items

Editing: Adobe Audition

Batteries: Eneloop (these last forever and ever and then when they die, you can charge them again)

SD cards: SanDisk (works well with the Marantz)

Want to know how to use your smartphone as a recorder? This is what you'll need