Sony Professional MDR-7506 Headphones

The headphones that anyone “who is anyone” in radio uses

I’d read about radio producers recommending a pair of headphones and unlike all the other gear I bought that people recommended, these headphones are actually awesome.

They're the SONY Professional MDR- 7506 headphones.

I LOVE these headphones. Certainly a jump up from the Apple ear buds I’d been using.

I took a risk and bought them online so I couldn't try them on. Compared to others that I tried on in person, the SONY Professional MDR-7506 headphones are a dream. They are so comfortable.

Great features including:

  • Comfortable
  • Good at isolating sound
  • You can fold them up which makes them great for storage
  • There’s no feedback noise from recording equipment
  • You can adjust them to fit different head sizes
  • They have a great and balanced sound
  • You can really hear what’s going on (good levels)
  • Again, they are soft and comfortable; you can wear them for hours
  • They come with a storage pouch which is handy for on-the-go radio producers

I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

But if you don't trust me, look at who else uses them:

Buy now

They are around $100 and you can buy the Sony MDR7506 Headphones here.



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